Poem by Joanie DiMartino

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A $50 Donation Will Help Feed a Poet for One Week

Meet Marc Martin.
He lives in Philadelphia,
an urban center on the East Coast.
Through no fault
of his own, Marc was born
into an alliterative name.
He struggles—every day—
with the assonance
and consonance
of his moniker,
working as a spoken word
artist on South Street
during humid summer
months in the Delaware
River Valley.

Alessandra-Marie Foster completed
a prestigious MFA program
years ago, yet still suffers
from chronic bohemianism
on the outskirts of Seattle, where
she’s forced to share
living space with seven
other artists
in a renovated, three-story,
wood and stone dwelling.

And then there’s Bryony Winthrop,
a New England girl.
An accident at age three
left her able to speak only in rhyming
couplets. Through your generous
support her family recently
purchased a dictionary, providing
the help she needed,
and now she’s on her way

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Six Years of Longreads

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This month marks six years since we started this community—growing from just a few readers to over a million, with people now sharing stories in dozens of different languages from hundreds of publishers. Christian Jørgensen put together a really nice Storify timeline of how the Twitter hashtag #longreads first evolved.

This community also has grown from sharing stories to actually funding them. Longreads Members have already helped us finance dozens of stories from outstanding writers and publisher partners. You can see them here. (We?re also celebrating our one-year anniversary being part of the Automattic / WordPress.com family, and we couldn?t be prouder to be at a company dedicated to helping independent publishers succeed.)

Thank you to everyone has helped make this community of readers so special. We’re excited for what’s next, from new originals to live events in San Francisco and New York.

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